Gone with the wind

Yesterday afternoon the wind started to pick up and by the time we tried to fall asleep it was a good size storm with gusts up to 50 mph.
It is quite unsettling to be creative in a spot where you are concerned about being blown away.

Today the wind is even worse. Trying to stay true to my plan of painting I did spend about two hours swinging my brush with the help of the wind coming through the open balcony door.

Somewhat frustrated and somewhat relived I packed up my painting equipment, realizing that the project painting in Greece has not become a success story.


One response to “Gone with the wind

  1. Virginia Smith

    Hi Heike Have been enjoying your recent posts and art. On the 15th I will fly to Soreze and meet Ann, an artist from New Mexico that I spent lots of time with two years ago. Like you, my plans are to draw using my iPad every day for the 6 weeks we r there. I will let you know how I do with this practice. Hopefully we will have calmer weather. Wishing you the greatest success and fulfillment of your art dreams. Hugs Gail

    Here’s a recent drawing done w the Zen Brush app on my IPad Soreze Tournesol Sent from my iPad


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