Failure is part of art – the elephant’ turning Greek is my proof

In a way I am happy to be able to say tat the elephants turning Greek project was a failure.

I am not saying, I am happy that I didn’t paint as much as I wanted to, but I am saying, that I am very happy at least I have tried.

If I would have given up this idea before carrying my 20 kg (roughly 44 pounds) heavy backpack through the beautiful Greek islands, I would still sit at home and dream about the great possibility of painting there. I might have even at some point thought that because I didn’t go I missed my career…

Now, with the reality check and the proof from damaged knees and hip, with the ache of the back and a big fat cold to boot, I have an experience I can put into the folder – “done it, been there”. The best part of it is, that I won’t have an excuse later, by complaining, that my story would be different if I would have done it.

All I want to say is – even though things do not always (actually mostly) turn out the way we think, plan or hope – the way to success needs the detour through many failures. The more detours, failures and mistakes we dare to take the higher our chances to finally reach succeed in a way we will be surprised off.

2 responses to “Failure is part of art – the elephant’ turning Greek is my proof

  1. I’m not sure how I found your website, but I ended up reading most of your blog. I quit my job to pursue another much more ambitious career. Right now I’m broke, unmotivated, aimlessly browsing the internet, when I should be furiously working instead.
    It’s funny to me, how it’s so hard at times, to get down to work, even when the thing you want to work on is the thing you love to do the most. It should be easier, right?
    There’s no ‘golden tip’ that will just make you totally overcome problems like these for the rest of your life. To me, it’s actions and events that motivate me and change the way I think and feel, not inner monologue and trying to keep ‘promises’ to myself.
    Anyhow, best of luck. You’re not the only one you know.. and btw, I’m Greek, enjoyed your articles about Patmos.

    • Dear Larry,
      thank you for your comment and your visit on my blog.
      yes, it is somtimes very hard to stay with the things you choose because we love them.
      Somtimes resistance just hits us in our stomage wanting us to give up, staying small without developing and cultivating our love – but like you recognized staying in action is what makes us overcome these moments, especially the voices in our head which want to hold us back.
      Just now I recognize, that it is time for me to continue writing on my blog sharing the things I learned in the last few month.

      I wish you all the very best with your new career and don’t let failure or resistance deceive you on your path.
      I deeply belive we need many more peolple persuing the things they truely love to do.

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