Giving the heart a home

My third art show started last weekend and I am very happy to have reached this point whereby I feel a little more relaxed and more comfortable about doing my art, as well as showing it to the world.
I am grateful to have this outlet and this passion within.
For the speech at my opening show I reflected up on my definition and my truth about creativity. I would like to share this with you and would be happy to hear what you think about it.
Creativity is the inner force of wanting to create something from within. The creator spirit, the force which opens up, once we have enough courage to realize, that we do have the connection to the artificer of the universe – god within us.
Cultivating, practicing, doing art is an active act of clearing the path, the channel which creativity comes through, in order to establish itself here today wherever we are.
It is our most important task as a creative person to share our own unique view of the world.  I see it as an obligation to leave the world through my paintings as a better place.
I am fortunate enough to have seen now so many people being happy looking at the paintings and smiling or finding some kind of relation which gives them a meaning.
In our time where the dark side of life, the bad, suffering and despair is so present and close,  I am deeply convinced that we do need many more sources of positive energy in whichever form, just to give a contra-balance to the dark side and not to lose hope for a better world.
Therefore, whoever you are, where ever you live, if you carry only a little bit of creativity within, share it with the world around you! Do not be afraid that it may not be good enough.

One response to “Giving the heart a home

  1. Liebe Heike, das ist so schön zu lesen und so wahr! Merci!

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