the flourishing life

DSC_0375it is a new year and a new beginning in many ways…
In order to stay connected to my passion, particularly this year where a major change in life will happen, I feel the urge to prepare for my next art show.

Interestingly the title of the new show, came to me right before the start of my last show, and it stayed with me up until today as to signal, I must continue.

While googling and also trying to find a good translation for the german phrase “das blühende Leben”  I stumbled up on Elizabeth Murray who was interview on her new book “Life in full bloom”.
In that video she shared the story of her working in Monet`s garden in France which made me very curious and let me to this video about her sharing her experience.
Both videos are my inspiration for now, to do my very best in pulling the next show together while at the same time continuing to paint as much as possible –

because – no matter what – the creative life needs to continue…

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