the elephants new journey into parenthood and creativity

flying latern

The last time I wrote on my blog, was almost a year ago.
Today, better tonight, I am juggling motherhood, care taking and brest feeding with some wet brushes, fresh paint on a canvas and on my fingers. All combined with the time crunch of preparing for my art show in less than 4weeks.
With a fife month old baby girl on my lab, on my back and in my life, reality is way much different than I dreamt of. I guess, that it is true to say, there is no way to understand it, unless you go through it.
Staying creative and continuing to paint is a challenge which is hard to describe.
Taking forced breaks and dropping the brush in each un foreseen moment lets you rethink the concept of a creative process.
The unpredictable development, need and request of my daughter requires a whole new level of flexibility and letting go of my own wants and expectations.
On the other hand, it teaches you a lot.
Some few daily lessons are to stay focused, to set priorities, to trim down the perfectionism and to stay open minded every minute of the day.

For now I will stay focused on getting everything I need for my upcoming art show as well as enjoying every minute of being a mom.
Impossible? I guess it only depends on the expectation…

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