the elephant becomes a hero

It feels like ages and many different lifetimes since I last payed tribute to the elephants


journey.  And yet, I never really abandoned this blog completely.
Something always kept me feeling connected to these amazing up and downs, round and rounds and all the adventures life have to offer.

Today I want to share about all looping the elephants has to do in order to reach greater heights.

In January I joined an online business program on learning how to set up and run a successful online business. Besides spending hours, days and nights on this, the elephant moves again. Which now makes it the 12th city in 5 countries of three different continents…

So I can say, the elephant slowly becomes an expert on re-locating. Re-locating in a geographically but also in a mental sense. This elephant not only prooves that he can fly, but is now capable to teach others how to transform and to learn to fly.

So I want to invite you to check out the new site and free 4 week online course, starting July 15th to August 9th.

And todays takeaway is this:

Stay curious, get to know yourself day by day
let life and the process of life flow through you,
teach you what it knows,
so that you can learn to fly, reach greater hights
and at some point hopefully
teach and help otheres
to grow wings and learn to fly 





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