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over the years and day by day, looking out, searching and sometimes finding a pice of a path to walk


Nothing to carry – nothing to worry

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Since last week I am back. Not physically back from one place but somehow mentally, spiritually. Perhaps I should say I am awake again. I started going back to my practice of getting up early and starting the day with … Continue reading


Leaving footprints behind

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It is still the beginning of the year but at the same time the end of a life of someone who truly left his mark behind. Stefan was a priest in our church for several years and started a youth … Continue reading


facing the root of disappointment and depression

The past two weeks after returning from our vacation I felt somehow disappointed, down and even worthless. I was in deep doubt about my ability to continue with the free time, my self chosen sabbatical. A blanket of self doubt, … Continue reading

faith without the science – where mystic must have been a part of the daily live…

traveling through the Italian countryside is one story, being in the built environment of the old ancient towns another.

Both together probably brought up a very interesting thought we discussed during our last trip to Italy.

I remember being a small girl and always being fascinated with the sun rays pushing their way through the clouds, leading to such spectacular pictures. And my Mom telling the story of her Mom explaining that god is just at this moment blessing the earth. For me it always looked as the light shines through the door sill of heaven and we get a glimpse of  heavenly light.

These days while traveling and seeing so many of these “blessing lights”  I was wondering what live might have been in the time where science and information was not accessible to men and we where living just of the stories and explanations  we received from our ancestors.

It seems to me that live could have been easier back than, when we were able to trust and believe in things and not have a scientific explanation of all phenomena. That with the  trusting in faith we were not forced to carry so much responsibility of our better knowing of all things.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not about wishing the mid evil times back, it is just wondering if with the exploration of the nature in a scientific way we do lose an other part of reality, this part which we can’t prove (yet) of its existing.

That looking at all the details and specifying everything sometimes loses the sight of the whole entities which is more than just the addition of details.

“…But if we give too much emphasis to science and technology we are in danger of losing touch with those aspects of human knowledge and understanding that aspire towards honesty and altruism.
 Science and technology, though capable of creating immeasurable material comfort, cannot replace the age-old spiritual and humanitarian values that have largely shaped world civilization, in all its national forms, as we know it today…” – Dalai Lama

you can not be successful on your own

Yesterday Nicholas Kristof posted an article from someone who left Goldman Sachs and it forced me to share some of my thoughts on Facebook. Unfortunately I can’t find them today, so I have to reconstruct them..

For a while now probably inspired by the book “the diamond cutter” from Geshe Michael Roach, I am very sensitive to the way a lot of business and offices work. In my industry I work in and in others which I got to know,  I realize that the more the focus shifts to purely, simply only making more profit and making more money for one self or a very very small group of people, the integrity gets lost, employees start to become unhappy, unhealthy and eventually leave the firm. This will all work out for a while, perhaps also for a long while, since there are always new employees who will fill the gap, who are impressed by the success of the firm. But I do see and experience, that it does not continue forever, that firms starts to suffer from their narrow view on egotistical succeeding.

I learn and experience in my own world, that if we look out for the others, for our business partners,  for employees/ colleges and for all who are involved in our work we all can be and are becoming more successful. I really do belief, that no one can be successful on his/ her own, we all do profit from the goodness of one another. 

changing times, feeling deep love and being grateful

It is an interesting stage of life when you feel so much deep and caring love for your parent as the parent might have felt towards yourself when you were little… Without having children, I do imagine that it feels similar.

My dad now is very close to turn 80 and always was the strong father to look up to. Even though he aged in the last years, never was his becoming old so visible and so present as it was when I visited him yesterday in the hospital.

Surviving a light stroke whereby  he was immensely lucky to not have become severely damaged, he still aged by years. Seeing him laying in the hospital bed, with his face and body showing the insecurity and the vulnerability of the sudden change in his live which was forced on to him by the stroke itself, made me feel as his parent who would have to protect him against all the danger of life.

It surprises me that I am so calm, being able to feel grateful to just have the time to be present, be there for him and with him, just feeling the unconditional love towards my dad, realizing that all my live I am loved in the same way of a parents unconditional love for their child.

giving before receiving

taking “it”  (meaning my writing)  more serious I spend more time on reading other blogs.  One comment on someones question on how to get more followers for her blog was saying that you have to give before you can receive – and that is what currently is sticking with me.

It seems like  natures law, that as soon as we become more open to give we also seem to start receiving more.

So on my way of trying to give more I already received quite a lot, especially lot of inspiration and a lot of true stories of other peoples lives and experiences and the compassion we are able to feel.

may our writing and sharing of our inner thoughts help not only us but also others


intro to the elephants spriritual yourney

eventhough I never have had the experience of how it feels to “come out”,  it might feel similar to publicly write about the spiritual thoughts, ideas and questions which are part of my live.

But since it is a big part of what I do think about, what I want to learn more about and what is part of me, I might as well take on the challenge and share some of it, just in case I might not be the only one…

One great thing I came across during my years in Northern California is the Podcast “Zencast” , which has a great amount of excellent Dharma talks from different teaches.

One which still sticks with me is about the “Wisdom of Emptiness” by  Tenzin Palmo which was recorded in September 2006. Her question if we really would know  how good of a live we have struck me. “You do not have to worry about the next meal, you can think what you want, you can do what you want and you all can read what you want.  – So what are you reading ?” she asks us.

And I was thinking about the many hours I am wasting on the internet reading about insignificant stories of insignificant occurrences…

I do want to try to do my part in adding somethings which seems to me worth sharing and perhaps we can start a discuss about things worth sharing…