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The last month of completing my creative sabbatical and continuing my path

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My dear friends and follower of the elephants journeys. I am at the end of a year, this July it will be 12 month having taken time off work and I am extremely happy and busy finishing this year with … Continue reading

I have read this not long ago an love it.  Had to write it on one of my photos, taken a while ago...

I have read this not long ago an love it.
Had to write it on one of my photos, taken a while ago…


when you are down…choose something you love

when I am down and troubled,
I pick up my camera
and remember
how happy it makes me
to look through this lens
and focus on the beauty in nature…



there is only one “you” in the world – face this challange – be you

In order to change something, even if it is a little tiny thing you have to show yourself.
You can not live an anonymous life in the expectation that no one will know about what you are doing and you really are. You can not claim the security of not being judged by what you are doing, saying or thinking at the same time as you want to make a chance.

I realized that the only way there is, is through your own connections.
You have to show your face to the world, make yourself vulnerable, open up even with the danger of being declared as crazy or as stupid, as selfish, as ugly or what ever your worst fears are, what people could think of you…

I always try to hide myself behind something, try to be anonymous and to only take credit in a selfish way when I see someone is liking what came from or through me. I avoid showing my face or my identity out of fear to be judge by others.

It is a save place, but you will get stuck behind this hideaway.
It is scary and it seems to be risky to make yourself visible, but it is the least you can do with your life.

It is probably the most important task of your life, to make yourself visible to the world and share your own unique ideas even though others will have difficulties to follow you or would not agree with you.
Remember, there is only one of you here in this world, no one is identical to you, you are truly unique, so face this challenge and be the only thing you can be – you.

So I will work on this, step by step, starting today.

May – monthly review OR recognizing you precious life

It is not yet the final day of May, but I do have the time to write.
I am riding the train to Freiburg, meeting a college to prepare a seminar. It will be our so called test balloon, seeing if we will be able to pull this off and to share our experiences about how to transform our ideas in making them alive.

This morning, observing all the people who where with me on the same train, the thought came to me, that there is not really an in-between in working or not working. Either you are in or you are out, both positions are not very comfortable to be in.
You either get stressed out and develop health issues by the pure terror of stress at work or you get bored and cannot sleep because of wondering what you should do with your live, without money or other resources.

My year of ‘creative time out’ is going to end and I do wonder what I have accomplished. I am always thinking, that what I did needs to be measurable, needs to withstand the common success rate.
And this morning I do wonder why it is so difficult for me to just value all the interesting and challenging experiences I have made so far without the big Hollywood like outcome and success.

We so often measure our life with what we see, hear or read in the media, not really being aware that these story’s are the ones from either unreal characters or from the one in a million. We start to devalue our own ‘unspectacular’ life, because we miss the point, we overlook all these wonderful little precious moments which form our lives on a day to day living.

live is not a matter of milestones, but of moments

Our time is brief from Ian Berenger on Vimeo.

be bold be you…

thanks to the blog of lead.learn. live by David Kanigan, I stumbled up on this video which again repeatedly reminds me about my inner conviction, that it is all within you, you just have to…

be bold, be you


I took this photo during a weekend trip to LA, while I was living in California.
I love it…


We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are

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We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are. – Anaïs Nin – This might be the reason why ten or even hundreds of people can paint the same flower and yet every drawing is different, … Continue reading


The great source of both the misery and disorders of human life

“The great source of both the misery and disorders of human life, seems to arise from over-rating the difference between one permanent situation and another. Avarice over-rates the difference between poverty and riches: ambition, that between a private and a … Continue reading

What makes us happy

February is almost over and I come closer to the end of my self chosen creative sabbatical.
During the last few month I had my ups and downs and learned a whole lot about myself and about life.


This afternoon I stumbled over this TED talk and it does sum up some of my experiences. One that is, that you can be happy no mater what, you can choose and create your reality and your happiness.


It is not only a funny talk it really makes you wake up in your search for happiness.




Nothing to carry – nothing to worry

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Since last week I am back. Not physically back from one place but somehow mentally, spiritually. Perhaps I should say I am awake again. I started going back to my practice of getting up early and starting the day with … Continue reading