creative challenge – Day 3

FEP ( = Flying Elephant Project)
Day 3 – Wednesday September 11th 2013

Today, be “cra·zy “ = extremely enthusiastic, out of one’s mind, not in one’s right mind.

I think we are all too often in our own mind, in our “right mind” and getting stuck in there.
To be creative requires to leave your own mind and to be out of your right mind.  It does not need to be harming and we can still follow our core ethical values, we just do not need to conform all the time, with what one is supposed to do.
If we would allow ourselves to go by our internal guidance instead of the voices of the “others” , we could learn more about our own unique potential. Something behind the picture of who I am, or who I supposed to be.

 a. Challenge for your mind:
list 10 things of what you would like to do, if it would not be too crazy. Keep this list with you for the next two month (or longer) and look at it from time to time.
You will not have to share the list, this will be just for you…

b. challenge to practice:
Tattoo something with a pen on your skin before you leave the house, it can be on your arm or leg, it does not have to be visible to others and it does not have to be with a permanent marker.
It can be an image, a symbol, a word or a sentence, something which reminds you on being crazy.
– be crazy for today or for at least an hour. Don’t forget to take a photo of it!

 c. challenge to getting lost in time:
go get crazy, experiment with something you did not do before. Challenge yourself to paint something you find too crazy…

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