creative challenge – day 5

FEP ( = Flying Elephant Project)
Day 5 – Friday September 13th 2013

Today, steal like an artist = it is not really stealing, it also isn’t copying, it is more observing, inhaling and transforming it to your own unique way of seeing and doing

I came across this ted talk a while ago and thought that this is a very nice way of approaching the learning and the growing process as an artist. In the very beginning of doing art, I always thought, oh no, I will not do something someone else did before. Today I think a little different about it. Your art and all other art before is always a collection of things you see, observe and transform into your own unique way.

a. challenge for your mind:

Watch this 11min. TED talk about stealing like an artist and find out where I got the idea from for today’s challenge. Get inspired for your own work…

b. challenge to practice:
sketch on a newspaper or a page of an old book – black out a poem, you can see the example in the photo gallery below or watch the TED talk… AND do not forget to have fun!

c. challenge to getting lost in time:
I figured out, by now you know better what you want to spend more time on today 😉 enjoy!

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