creative challenge – Day 6 – last day

FEP ( = Flying Elephant Project)
Day 6 – Saturday September 14th 2013

Today, “seek to enjoy not to possess” – Nana Vearyit
It is not selfish to lead a happier life. In reverse the happiness you carry will be shared with others through your being. When you are happy you will have the urge to share this with others. It is hard to keep your happiness to yourself. Happiness is contagious.

Challenge for your mind:
My biggest challenge in doing art was and still is, to allow myself doing what I love to do. Especially when I have in mind on how much suffering there is in the world. I often feel guilty to seek my own inner happiness. Spending the time to create makes me a much more balanced and content person, even though struggle in creating is the companion. I deeply believe, that becoming and being a content happy person can help to make this world a better place, because it opens our heart and makes us more compassionate people.

There is a dharma talk on Zencast by Jack Kornfield which I listened to last night while I was unable to fall asleep. It sums it all up and brings it to the point. The talk is rather long (about an hour) but worth taking the time…

challenge to practice:
Enjoy today something you are normally only allowing yourself on a special days. This can be: pick or buy for yourself a flower, wear your special Sunday rope (including shoes), wear a skirt or shirt you have only for special days and love, a lipstick which makes you feel fancy, do your hair differently, treat yourself to a special piece of chocolate… Allow to be the special person you are!

challenge to getting lost in time:
create your personal identity card:
a. give yourself a phantasy name, something which makes you proud. Be careful to not become sarcastic.
b. use a symbol or more which will remind you on the list of 10 crazy things from the day 3 challenge on Wednesday
c. sketch your face on it.

keep this ID card in your wallet for at least four weeks.

At the end of this week I want to thank you all for being part of this creative week!!! Who knows perhaps we will do this soon again or we will meet here in Southern France at some point.

2 responses to “creative challenge – Day 6 – last day

  1. This has been an amazing help for me to get my juices flowing in preparation for a show. Even while traveling, it kept me active and thinking about different creative approaches to my art. Thank you Heike! Please let’s do it again! I will still post things that I did and was not able to get up on the blog due to my travels. Hugs to all! Judy

  2. I loved playing and thinking about art with you and the others this week. Dreamed of being in France too! Even though I am tardy in doing the homework today (too much happened today yesterday).. I did get in an hour even then, so and have some things in progress. I will put in my wallet, and.. I will post it next week as I am leaving town tomorrow for a few days. This has lit a spark in me, and I am getting want to continue exploring, having fun. Now to figure out how to create things I have in mind and yet be gentle and go with the flow.. my new motto.. Thanks so much for all the inspiration Heike. I would not have done this without you, and I would love to do this again .


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