Heike: daylong – the humming bird will need some more days….

2 responses to “heike_bird

  1. Gail Forbes Shannon

    Loving the beginnings of your hummingbird and just below it the field of Soreze sunflowers leaning against the wall of the studio that you completed yesterday. Not surprised you had rain today with the big sky coming from the west (?). Can’t imagine how you put in all those activities (including a hike up Bernaquait (yes?) plus painting and organizing our challenge yesterday. I have only made it there once. Many thanks!!! Assuming you are sleeping now as it is almost midnite in Soreze.

  2. Yesterday was really a fun challenge. My daughter had the 80’s station on her Radio so it was easy to sing out loud. Funny that that would be part of the challenge while I was visiting her as we used to always sing along to the radio together when she was younger….much to my son’s disappointment! I think that my art has a rather childlike feel to it due to the state of mind that the challenge helped me get to. I thank you again for coming up with this artistic challenge.

    Wow, Gail, you really accomplished a lot with your non-dominate hand. I think we should make ourselves do at least one or two drawings per session like this to improve our brain power! Great way to make ourselves draw what we really see and not what our trained hand thinks it knows. I miss you!

    Sandy, I really love your bird! It feels like it is fall where you are and the subtle softness of the bird makes me feel calm and happy. I think you accomplished what the challenge asked of us, at least in my view of it.

    Heike, that is the most fun humming bird! I love how you took the tiny creature and made it much bigger than life! It makes the humming bird so powerful in this size and in the pose that you are painting it! Smile.

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