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changing times, feeling deep love and being grateful

It is an interesting stage of life when you feel so much deep and caring love for your parent as the parent might have felt towards yourself when you were little… Without having children, I do imagine that it feels similar.

My dad now is very close to turn 80 and always was the strong father to look up to. Even though he aged in the last years, never was his becoming old so visible and so present as it was when I visited him yesterday in the hospital.

Surviving a light stroke whereby  he was immensely lucky to not have become severely damaged, he still aged by years. Seeing him laying in the hospital bed, with his face and body showing the insecurity and the vulnerability of the sudden change in his live which was forced on to him by the stroke itself, made me feel as his parent who would have to protect him against all the danger of life.

It surprises me that I am so calm, being able to feel grateful to just have the time to be present, be there for him and with him, just feeling the unconditional love towards my dad, realizing that all my live I am loved in the same way of a parents unconditional love for their child.