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searching and creating your creative path


painting is a series of experiments and the response to it, you do it to become more conscious. – Painting is a spiritual practice –

The time here in France is like a real break out of all the old boundaries. I do not expect, that they will be all gone when I am back home, but I have the hope and somehow also the confidence that I can slowly overcome them. This experience shows me more and more, that the boundaries are self made, created by my own anxiety, my own self limitation and by the deadly habit of criticizing myself.

Letting the inner Damon go on and on about our not being worthy, not being god enough, not being talented, clever, smart or something enough makes us small and the wall of boundaries higher.
It is quite interesting, that there is a seemingly common sense, that art as a profession is not what one is allowed to do, let alone being successful by doing art on a professional level… “Weekend art” is what is not only tolerated by the society, but also sold to us as the smart way to go.

Crazy to think what our world would look like if all the other artists before us would not have overcome theses boundaries.
Imagine a world without music, paintings, movies, books…

On our tour through the country, visiting Berry at his most amazing French cottage, he read us the following note, he had found somewhere in a book:

The artists commitment,
I promise to always remember my power, love and intelligence as an artist and the vital role that artists have played in every culture and time. I will never again invalidate any artist, including myself or any work of art, but rather allow myself with all artists to end our (…) oppression and enthusiastically encourage the creativity of every human.