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at least once – a different gift

December started with a white soft cover over the nature and the city.
Right to the start of the famous Christmas markets all over in Europe snow made the daily live slower and more introverted as to send out a special invitation to look more inside than out…

The yearly discussion about what to give to friends, family and beloved ones came up as in every year in the beginning of December.
As every year my husband and I realize that we have everything we need and even more as all our friends and family’s have.
Following Nicolas Christophers’ blog and his initiated movement “half the sky” throughout the past years and always being deeply moved by so much suffering and so much hope at the same time, we made the decision to give our friends and families the happiness and hope of a young girl or woman who is supported by the local NGO Somaly Mam Foundation.
And this is how the present will look like:
Dear loved one,
This year our present to you is a special one, We will give you the hope, the security and the new perspective of a girl / young women who will receive the money we would have spent on a present for you.

As we hope that this gift will bring happiness to all, to us as the giver, to you as the receiver and to the girl as the benefiter.
We do not know the name of the girl nor do we know her age, but we got to know many of her sisters/ mothers/ friends with a similar live story who were helped by the amazing work of somaly mam foundation.

You can get to know their stories when you look at the website: http://www.somaly.org/

May you have a happy blessed Mary Christmas
May you, your family and friends be save,
May we be continuously be blessed to give a gift to less fortunate people.