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the flourishing life

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it is a new year and a new beginning in many ways… In order to stay connected to my passion, particularly this year where a major change in life will happen, I feel the urge to prepare for my next … Continue reading


Failure is part of art – the elephant’ turning Greek is my proof

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In a way I am happy to be able to say tat the elephants turning Greek project was a failure. I am not saying, I am happy that I didn’t paint as much as I wanted to, but I am … Continue reading


Gone with the wind

Yesterday afternoon the wind started to pick up and by the time we tried to fall asleep it was a good size storm with gusts up to 50 mph. It is quite unsettling to be creative in a spot where … Continue reading


Life is good

Yesterday I finally used the brushes and the canvas to start my first painting, which was a uplifting moment. After spending some quality time with my travel companion, laughing and joking sitting on the beach, we explored a new part … Continue reading


Not always so

It’s the third day being in Patmos, my brushes and canvases are resting unused in my bag. Live has it’s own ways, – not always according to plan and not always so…

The morning time could be my time to paint, but as it turns out, the balcony was to hot and the beautiful, idyllic spot across the cove is to windy. My fighter nature seems to be on vacation and instead of searching for a different spot it is leaving me alone to rest in the lethargy of my teenage nice who sleeps in till 11:00.

Nevertheless I teak in all the beauty I can, driving on a Vespa with my baggage (teenager with a cold and chronic tiredness) across the island. Due to the time difference between the ages we are forced to hike in the middle of the day with a murdering heat in our neck, but get rewarded with the uniqueness of a stunning beach.

For me it is heaven to spend most of the time in the turquoise warm crystal clear water – I am happy to enjoy it and know that the painting will happen.
So for now, for these vacations, the most important thing is to stay in the presents, being happy about the nice company, the interesting conversations and the comfort of having family around.







The elephant turns Greek – for a week

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There is a good and a not so good thing about looking for the right (paying) job. The not so good thing is obvious – money becomes an issue. The good thing is that time is there in abundance to … Continue reading


To be or not to be – (an artist)

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To be or not to be  (an artist) That’s the question for now. Lately my thoughts spin all day and night, trying to find a solution for my “problem”. A problem most artistic people who found their passion and calling … Continue reading


Don’t stop creating

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If it is true, that we can only live a small part of what there is in us, – what happens with the rest? This is a quote of one of my favorite books from Pascal Mercier “Night Train to … Continue reading


another mile stone

swingit is almost the end of my creative sabbatical  – time to look back

With yesterdays opening show of my second exhibition -within less than a year- I feel blessed to have had the time and the opportunity to dedicate this time to (my) creativity.

It is something interesting to look back and to see that indeed, I did accomplished quite a lot (almost 60 paintings). Yes, it is not the Hollywood success and No I did not get discovered by some important art dealer – BUT I did stick to my idea and to my longing to become more creative and to discover that painting is my passion where I can express things which are important to me and are my expression of faith and of the pure joy of life.

As for most of us, I am only one in a million who finds her passion, expresses it and who will not be in the news or on TV.  But what I did realized and experienced is that it is a most beautiful reward to see people who you do not know start smiling when looking at your paintings and who let you know how much they like what you are doing.
Watching a song contest, where ordinary people, people like you and me go out and give their passion a permission to live, people who do risk embarrassment in order to be seen and heard, that is what counts for me. The doing out in the real world, to be seen and risking to be shamed by exposing a part of yourself, this doing is in the end the biggest accomplishment for me.

Now what is left for me, is to find a bread winning job, love what I am doing there and to not let go again of my passion for painting, caring for it as I would care for a child, looking after it, nutering it and be there for it no matter what.


things do matter

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Having spent the New Years Eve in Venice and having visited the Basilica San Marco, something important struck me. I guess it particular struck me because through art I am able to understand   things, which are important in live, a … Continue reading