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Failure is part of art – the elephant’ turning Greek is my proof

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In a way I am happy to be able to say tat the elephants turning Greek project was a failure. I am not saying, I am happy that I didn’t paint as much as I wanted to, but I am … Continue reading

The pallet gets only more colorful

The last day painting this carol is over, we had a fantastic afternoon painting in Barry’s garden.
This afternoon has teach me an important lesson, the lesson of how to deal with frustration. I so much wanted to catch the amazing tree and house of Barry, a little paradise within the most beautiful landscape of southern France.
But all my wanting was not enough or it was too much to bring it on the canvas. Even after the help of Carol and her input of how to fix it.
So my disappointment tried to discourage me and the little Damon was sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear over and over again that I am a fool to believe I ever could become an artist.

It was a internal cool down phase, until Barry was looking over my shoulder and commenting on my painting, telling me what he saw in it. He gave me the most important advice:

“never give up and never abandon a painting.  It will come back, just put it to the side and look at it every so often.  At one point you will be able to see the potential again and then you will be able to continue and finish it.”

This is the other side of the first teaching, that everything is under painting until you are done.
Being persistent, is one of the most essential lessons to learn.

Later that evening this statement was repeated again in a other discussion.