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you can not be successful on your own

Yesterday Nicholas Kristof posted an article from someone who left Goldman Sachs and it forced me to share some of my thoughts on Facebook. Unfortunately I can’t find them today, so I have to reconstruct them..

For a while now probably inspired by the book “the diamond cutter” from Geshe Michael Roach, I am very sensitive to the way a lot of business and offices work. In my industry I work in and in others which I got to know,  I realize that the more the focus shifts to purely, simply only making more profit and making more money for one self or a very very small group of people, the integrity gets lost, employees start to become unhappy, unhealthy and eventually leave the firm. This will all work out for a while, perhaps also for a long while, since there are always new employees who will fill the gap, who are impressed by the success of the firm. But I do see and experience, that it does not continue forever, that firms starts to suffer from their narrow view on egotistical succeeding.

I learn and experience in my own world, that if we look out for the others, for our business partners,  for employees/ colleges and for all who are involved in our work we all can be and are becoming more successful. I really do belief, that no one can be successful on his/ her own, we all do profit from the goodness of one another.