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the loneliness of a great French artist

I was strolling through the small streets of Pézenas in the late afternoon, looking at all the wonderful houses well preserved from the last centuries, as I stumbled upon this exceptional gallery.
The town is famous for it’s history and it’s richness during the 16th century. Today you will have to walk with your head looking high up the facades to be able to really take this in. Bringing your head down to street level will be irritating and frustrating.

The vast amount of useless tourist naps, little storefronts filled up with useless souvenirs, waiting for someone sentimental enough to spend more money on the stuff as it is actually worth it.
These seem to be harsh words, but believe me, I am almost a normal women which enjoys shopping, but this here, was an insult to the city, the architecture and anyone with only a small sense for art.
So this gallery I found or which found me, was a exemption. Not filled up with things made in china, it displayed some most elected and most exceptional beautiful art work.
I have landed in a gallery from a quite well known artist and painter.
Emmanuel a nice handsome man end of his 50th approached me with soft voice and  French accent. Asking me if I myself practice art and involving me in a light conversation about art and his work.
Right at the end of our small talk he asked me the question which I almost expected to come, just because of the way he was using his soft voice.  So we did agree to have a drink together continuing our conversation on art.
Thankfully there was a young couple joining us, making the conversation even more interesting.  After a while you get an idea of where the conversation would have gone to, so having the opportunity to converse with all of them about architecture and the approach to the creative life was a welcoming surprise.
The evening continued to be fun and interesting. By listening to Emmanuel about his work and life it became apparent on how lonely he is, even though he knows so many people and leads such an interesting and successful live.

It is always surprising when you meet people who seem to have reached the things in life you are aiming for and then realize how much even they are still humans with the same dreams longings, disappointments and struggles in life.