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day 5 – painting marathon

Painting is getting lost
in time ,
not thinking anything
other than
colors, brush and strokes.
A meditation practice
without being afraid
my legs could fall asleep

– heike-

this morning I realized that it is Friday, almost a week past here in Southern France, and am afraid not having painted enough, even though I did everyday. So I allowed myself to have at least a great breakfast with the already mentioned  great french croissant and again a coffee o’le.

Than I went upstairs to getting lost in my paintings again… 10h later I am happy and tired feeling as if I have accomplished a marathon.



Nothing to carry – nothing to worry

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Since last week I am back. Not physically back from one place but somehow mentally, spiritually. Perhaps I should say I am awake again. I started going back to my practice of getting up early and starting the day with … Continue reading