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heavenly breakfast

This might be the best way of ending an amazing trip full of art, creativity and freedom to experience oneself in a new way.
At around 5.00 AM I woke up to the sound of the birds in the garden. This was not the ordinary mornings bird chirping. This was like a full symphony concert towards the end where all instruments get to play together ending in an crescendo of almost deafening volume. It seemed it was the happening of ten thousand birds right outside my window.
Hoping I would fall asleep again I turned and tossed myself in bed. Finally after it seemed to be an except able time to get up I took my shower packet up my belongings and opened the door to the small shaded patio.

There the breakfast table was already set for me, an adorable small table with a plate and the most voluminous breakfast, fruits breads, croissants , marmalade, tee and coffee and this all for myself…

Resting in the moment, enjoying every bite, the taste of the fresh fruit, the coffee and tee, all this almost let me forget the time.

With only a smidgeon of hurry I packed everything in the small quinqueciento (the most stylish tiny  Italian  car I rented)  and drove in the direction of the train station. With just 10 min. to departure of my train I hit my own record on being not freaked out to make it to the train.
The two guys at the car rental station were quite helpful in the way that they did only gave me the petty look instead of making any commend on how not French it was to just drop the key on the desk mumbling some kind of I am sorry and then running out the door with the excuse that my train in leaving in five minutes….
I guess my husband would be proud of my way of taking it easy, as I am always the one who’s wants to be at the train or plane like an our early…
Anyway, I made the train and all the connections, now being safely back in the country of my origin travel, where all started just some 10 days ago.

It will be an interesting time which will follow this vacation and I would like to invite you to check out what will happen the next few month..