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What I learned from my first Art Show


Between the days, I knew I will exhibit my paintings in public and the opening of my first art show, I had five weeks to go.
I was surprised and amazed on how much work it is to go public. It basically was a full time job for me. Here I want to sum up my experience and give some helpful insights:

  1. When you exhibit at a place where never was a show before you need to come up with a system how you want to present and hang your paintings
  2. When you decided on a system, make sure you get enough supplies, so in case you are at the venue and hanging your paintings you do not have to drive hundreds of mile for just one or two additional hangers.
  3. Take enough photos from the place before hand, so that you can memorize each wall (!!!) it is helpful for the process of decision making where you want to hang which painting.
  4. Plan to hang the paintings in two steps. The first time about one or two weeks before the show, the second time two days before the show. This will allow enough time to make up for missing or forgotten issues.
  5. When you are about to talk about your work, never forget to thank all the people involved in the project, even these people who where just giving you mental support or who gave you a hand while you were hanging your work.
  6. Surround yourself with at least some few friends. It helps to feel calmer.
  7. Get someone who takes photos during the event, you will be to busy to do it on your own.
  8. Do not expect too much at your first show and be grateful for each one who shows up even if there are only three, ten or fifteen people.
  9. Take your work serious, without being to serious yourself. Give your work the respect you would like other people giving it respect.
  10. Be sure resistance will show up during the entire time, in all different forms. Flyers get printed, but not delivered, Friends do not receive your email, the paper loses your information, the weather turns out to be a barrier, family does not react to your invitation and so on….

I am very thankful and happy to have made this experience, it is something rewarding to see the work you are doing outside your world, in a physical space whereby people can interact with it and can give your feedback.

I am also very thankful to have read the book before the show “the war of art” by Steven Pressfield, otherwise resistance might have won this battle and I would have either backed out from this project or I would have been frustrated and sad.

There would be much more to share, but I think for today it is enough. If you want contact me and I would be happy to share more….


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the elephants gets its own site

It is time to give the elephant some extra space where it can grow from.

Today the elephant got its own site. You now can find him under http://www.whosaidelephantscantfly.com

This should become now a little easier to be found, heard and taken more serious, mainly by myself. I am looking forward to expand the site and to add very soon the flying elephant project….

Thanks to Seth Godin and his book the Linchpin,  especially his chapter on the resistance, helped me this week to continue walking in the same direction as the elephant is going to fly…

Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?