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Don’t stop creating

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If it is true, that we can only live a small part of what there is in us, – what happens with the rest? This is a quote of one of my favorite books from Pascal Mercier “Night Train to … Continue reading


things do matter

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Having spent the New Years Eve in Venice and having visited the Basilica San Marco, something important struck me. I guess it particular struck me because through art I am able to understand   things, which are important in live, a … Continue reading

the responsibility of beeing creative – or the challange of being employed

working in the architecture business I am challenged often by the different ideas and requests of both the client and my boss.

While I am honest to my bones, my boss’s main focus is to make money and to glimmer in the world of the rich and famous.

Taking on new assignments and promising the impossible makes me want to cry out loud, but at the same time I have to sit still and smile, playing the game by showing interest and pretending that everything is possible.

Sometimes I wonder if people really want to be lied at.  To finalize a project in a very very short time frame is one thing, but inventing all the details, finalizing materials and changing the concept within this time is a crime. A crime towards the original great idea, the original and the intended feel of the result of the project. And in the end it is a crime against the client who originally wanted to do a project outside the box, creating a new identity.

Why is it so difficult to be honest in the beginning? Why does a client and all parties become so stressed out and take on so much failure instead of taking the time, discussing the pro and cons and than after finalizing the most important things starting the process? So much money would be saved, so much human sanity would be protected and so much more beauty would be created!

How much ego can a project take on? How much ego can I take on from my boss and from some of the clients who act as they where the ruler of the universe??? What’s so wrong with being honest and straight to the point?