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Day 10 & 11 – love what you do & do what you love

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Since my husband arrived on Sunday here in Soreze, my time is now divided in different interests. I no longer only paint in my studio, but also go and get to explore the surrounding of this beautiful area. Wednesday Carcassonne … Continue reading


Day 8 & 9 originality

Monday and Tuesday were quiet days, with a farmers market in Castelnaudery without my camera, but more important than the photos is the quote I found by Robert Henri :

“originality: Don’t worry about your originality. You could not get rid of it even if you wanted to. It will stick to you and show you up for better or worse in spite of all you or anyone else can do.” 

Like it or not, you better  make friend with the way you do your art…


Day 7 – “vide grenier” the French Sunday Sport

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Sunday I participated in one of my favorite sports here in France – going to the vide grenier. A vide grenier is a flea marked held mostly Sundays, in all different villages and towns throughout the summer. The ones I … Continue reading


Day 6 – market day and more painting

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my favorite day here in Soreze  is Saturday because of the farmers market in Revel.  It is known as one of the most beautiful markets in France… Right after the visit of the market may second favorite thing is to … Continue reading


day 5 – painting marathon

Painting is getting lost
in time ,
not thinking anything
other than
colors, brush and strokes.
A meditation practice
without being afraid
my legs could fall asleep

– heike-

this morning I realized that it is Friday, almost a week past here in Southern France, and am afraid not having painted enough, even though I did everyday. So I allowed myself to have at least a great breakfast with the already mentioned  great french croissant and again a coffee o’le.

Than I went upstairs to getting lost in my paintings again… 10h later I am happy and tired feeling as if I have accomplished a marathon.



Day 4 – short walk & blessing of a big studio

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Another day full of painting, only interrupted by an hour walk around the lake. What I became aware of today, is that my senses are so much more awake since I am painting all day long. It seems, that I … Continue reading


Day 3 – Sunflower and art madness

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I woke up again with rain, but thankfully as already yesterday the sun came out in the late morning. After a incredible good croissant (only here in France) for breakfast together with a bowl of cafe o’le I walked up … Continue reading


day 2 – singing in the rain

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the challenge for day 2 is up, check it out… klick here: day 2 Today I will try to share a little more about “the elephant goes french – part 3”, since I focused yesterday very much on getting the … Continue reading

the first day of the challenge

good morning France!
let the creative spirit catch us 😉
klick here for Day 1 creative Challenge


arrived – Monday morning can come

arrivedarrived after 940km and 9h of drive – thanks for the welcome wine and cheese. Now I can go to sleep….

Vive la vie française!