The flying elephants project

monthly review – SEPTEMBER 2012

September already seems to be a while ago. The reason to write the review some couples week late is, that I visited my second home. The second home is where we used to live for almost 7 years and where the other half of our family resides.
It was again very empowering, to meet again with friends and family and living the Californian way of live.

Nevertheless, the biggest junk of the time in September was occupied with three things:
buying and importing a car (biggest waste of time ever…)
working on my web design (the never ending story..)
and meeting Lilli Rose (check out the post meeting Lilli Rose)

monthly review – August 2012

The flying elephants project started on the first of August, the first day of my Sabbatical.
As always the time passes by faster than we think and when I look back,  I do wonder, so what have I done with my time?
After thinking for a while I came up with a list I like when I read through it:

  1. Spending time with my family and enjoyed summer (thankfully because this was it, –  weather wise…)
  2. Tracked my time with a professional time tracking program
  3. Started and almost finished my new cooperated identity with business card and web site
  4. Continued to consult on the works of my old office (I can’t let go, I even had nightmares – how crazy is this after having quit and left the job?)
  5. Planed, organized and completed to buy and import a new car (if I would bill the hours I spend on doing this I would now have the most expensive car in history)
  6. Painted my daily butterflies (almost daily…)
  7. Started on a wood sculpture (more to come)
  8. Helped my parents (and was wiped out for a couples of days – I am not used to do gardening, especially not to cut the hedges on a ladder…)
  9. Organized and cleaned on a daily basis my house (very unusual while I was working full time, therefore it needs to be mentioned)
  10. Networked with different people on possible jobs and on brainstorming for possible new directions and projects.
  11. and finally wrote on my blog a lot

Did I accomplished a lot?
I don’t know, but I can say that I used my time and that it seems to be a good start, putting in perspective that there will be many more month to come…

The launching of the flying elephants project

launching the flying elephants project does not come with a big bang nor with a big kick off party. It does not start with a massive advertisement campaign.

It comes quietly, it sneaks in, looks around if it can come in, if it be here without being kicked out from the big ones,  the grown ups who will judge about it’s value, the reason behind.

It tries to sneak by the jury who tries to kill it in the beginning, tells it that it isn’t worth it and that it anyway never will be successful as the professionals, an amateur who thinks it can compete…

So the flying elephants project will go an move on its tip toes, will be modest about itself and in the beginning. It will do it’s work quietly, giving itself the permission of being in the world.

And who knows where it goes to, but at least, at least it will be out in the world, open to become criticized, to grow and to show that it has the guts to take itself seriously…

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