why a flying elephant?

After living in California for about seven years, my husband and I decided to move back to Europe, this was the time when I started my blog with the following introduction:

So why did I choose this question to start my blog about our moving form one Continent to another?

It is kind of difficult to find a start to all these complex thoughts and emotions which have lead us to this point, to this day where I am packing boxes and sorting things out.

But in short  and right here:

“I think we are all in one way or the other an elephant, some of us choose to fly and the others just tell us, that elephants can’t fly….”

Today I  still find it to be true, that we are all in some way, elephants who feel limited by our own weight, whatever our story and whatever the weight of our story is, we all do have the choice to learn how to fly, no matter on how heavy we might feel.

Wishing you all the experiences of freeing yourself from the weight what prevents you from flying…

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